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Art and culture for everyone

"XAll - A whole different guide" inaugurates a new way of welcoming diversity in three Italian museums. The project involves the creation of interactive, customizable and inclusive supports for visits.

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The XAll Project

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Tactile Stations

Design and technologies for an engaging visit experience
and inclusive

The research project was funded by the TIM Foundation and carried out by the University of Florence in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan. Partners in the project are three prestigious Florentine institutions: the Bargello National Museum and the Mus.e association with the Palazzo Vecchio Museum and the Stefano Bardini Museum.

Museums are the first to experience the innovative solution offered by "XAll - A whole different guide", for an art truly capable of overcoming barriers and offering full enjoyment of beauty. Thanks to an app for all and stations with tactile, sound and olfactory stimuli, museum visits become more engaging experiences for everyone, especially for people with sensory disabilities.

The following associations participated in the project: Italian National Agency for the Deaf (ENS), the Paratetraplegic and Motor Disabled Association Habilia Onlus and the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired ONLUS-APS (UICI).

Project funded by

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Through the tender "The art that welcomes"

Project made by 

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Museums involved


with the participation of

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Tactile Stations made in collaboration with


For shooting and editing Video LIS and IS

Laboratorio di Foto Video per il Design e l’Architettura, Università degli Studi di Firenze, 

Prof. Marcello Scalzo, Dott.ssa Parisa Darv (con la partecipazione di Ilaria Malvone)

For English language translations

 Bonnie Rubins

For voiceover of audio tracks

 Mike Corradi


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