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Stefano Bardini Museum

We thank the MUS.E association for the support given to the survey phase with the users, and to the subsequent phase of identifying the visit routes and the related information contents used for the experimentation.

With reference to the objectives underlying the "Xall - A whole other guide" project, the itinerary and the relative stages of the visit were defined by selecting some of the main areas of the museum, in order to carry out a pilot experiment and implement it over the time of a visit fully inclusive.

Edited by / Scientific coordination of:

Valentina Zucchi, Mediation and valorisation manager, MUS.E

Giaele Monaci, Mediation and enhancement area, MUS.E


With the valuable collaboration of:

Marina Gardini, Director of the Museums, Archives, Libraries Service, Municipality of Florence

Silvia Penna, E.Q. Civic Museums - Museums, Archives, Libraries, Municipality of Florence Service

Serena Pini, Curator of Palazzo Vecchio Museum and Stefano Bardini Museum, Municipality of Florence

Emanuele Crocetti, EQ Property and equipment security and Facility Manager Palazzo Vecchio, Municipality of Florence

Giorgio Caselli, Director of the Fine Arts Service and Palazzo Vecchio Factory, Municipality of Florence

Paolo Ferrara, E.Q. Building of Palazzo Vecchio, Churches and Convents, Municipality of Florence

Tommaso Muccini, E.Q. Palaces, Villas and City Monuments, Municipality of Florence

Giuseppe De Grazia, Buildings, Villas and City Monuments Service, Municipality of Florence


Thank you:

Alessia Bettini, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Tourism, Participation, Active Citizenship, Maintenance and Decorum, Municipality of Florence

Matteo Spanò, President, MUS.E

Gabriella Farsi, Director of Culture and Sport, Municipality of Florence

Andrea Bianchi, Operations Manager, MUS.E

The path of experimentation
XALL Route Audio Tracks

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International Sign Language (IS) - Video
coming soon

Xall Project

Xall Project

Xall Project
Video LIS 1 | Museo Nazionale del Bargello: il palazzo

Video LIS 1 | Museo Nazionale del Bargello: il palazzo

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Video LIS 2 | Il confronto dei David di Donatello e del Verrocchio

Video LIS 2 | Il confronto dei David di Donatello e del Verrocchio

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Video LIS 1 | Palazzo vecchio, Firenze

Video LIS 1 | Palazzo vecchio, Firenze

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For the IS videos we thank the Associazione ENS - Ente Nazionale Sordi Sezione Provinciale di Firenze.

Thanks to the filming and editing Laboratorio Foto Video per il Design e l’Architettura.

The Tactile Stations

Tactile stations made by the company Tactile Studio

Stefano Bardini Museum

Via dei Renai, 37, 50125 Firenze, FI

Stefano Bardini Museum website

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