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XAll Project

Designing the future, for everyone. 
Experiencing and learning about art is a pleasure that should not be precluded to anyone

The people at
the center

A new way of welcoming and guiding visitors, financed by the TIM Foundation, born from an idea of the  Department of Architecture of the University of Florence in collaboration with the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of the Milan Polytechnic, also allows people with sensory disabilities to use the museum collections independently and in a personalized way.

The project involves the use of open source technologies for the development of interactive video guides and sensory paths that include tactile, sound and olfactory stimuli, with applications of augmented reality, for a satisfying visit from the point of view of learning and 'engagement.

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Research phases

WP1 - Analysis Preliminary studies

 Basic research and state of the art analysis; Study of user profile, analysis of environments and paths, study of usability and user satisfaction. Definition of WP2 and WP3 design requirements.

WP2 - Video Guide

Project development of the "Front-and" application (development and design of structure and graphical interface - UI) and "Back-and".  Validation activity "user testing and expert assessments".

WP3 - Multi-sensory stations 

Definition of project requirements and supervision of proposals designs developed by the company "Tactile Studio"

WP4 - Platform

Development and graphic and IT design of the XAll platform

Project objectives

Access to heritage cultural heritage for all


Sharing skills and

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Replicable research results and tools

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Disseminating good practices in museums

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Foster the dissemination of inclusive apps and media


Quality and personalization of the visit

Results WP1: Definition of design requirements WP2 and WP3
WP3 Project Requirements: Video Guide/Application 

Front and

  • Simple and intuitive

  • Customizable functions and interactive elements

  • It supports: audio tracks, images and videos, texts, augmented reality, 3D models, geolocation

  • Implementable functions and contents

  • AR - augmented reality



  • Client-server structure

  • Advance download of all material

  • Implementing a custom screen reader 

  • Text-To-Speech technology. Integration with APIs provided by operating systems: ANDROID (TalkBack) and IOS (voice over)

Project requirements WP3: Stations and tactile tablets
  • ​Maps and tactile models correlated by texts in Braille language

  • APP connection > multimedia material

  • Olfactory devices

  • Integrated AR

Discover the Stations inside the museums

The experimentation was carried out in collaboration with three prestigious Florentine museums: the Bargello National Museum and the Mus.e association with the Palazzo Vecchio Museum and the Stefano Bardini Museum.

The museums contributed to the preliminary analysis phase and to the definition of the experimental visit itineraries.


Stefano Bardini Museum


Bargello Museum

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