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The research project "XAll - A whole other guide" was funded by the TIM Foundation and realized by the University of Florence in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan

Department of Architecture (UNIFI)

DIDA is one of the largest Departments of the University of Florence. It is responsible for promoting and coordinating research activity, organizing the teaching activity and PhD courses; it has 26 active internal Laboratories.

UNIFI team

The Team designs environments, products and systems for sport, culture, fragile people, healthcare and assistance. It carries out usability and product conformity checks; develops design guidelines and virtual simulations of user/environment/product interaction.


Scientific Director

Foto ab cv 2.jpg

Alessia Brischetto

Scientific Coordinator


Ester Iacono

Research Fellow

40684964_10215384340635783_2522964931855253504_n copia.jpg

Claudia Becchimanzi

Research Fellow

Copia di antonella03.jpg

Antonella Serra

Research Fellow


Giovanna Nichilò

Research Grant


Libin Yuan



Nicola Bernardi


Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (POLIMI)

The Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB) aims to be a world-class scientific institution fully engaged in cutting-edge research, education and technology transfer in the fields of computing, electronics, electrical, automation, telecommunications and of bioengineering.


POLIMI Scientific Director


Paolo Boffi

Research Fellow


Andrea Bovo


Partners and collaborators

Museo Nazionale del Bargello


Paola D'Agostino - Director of the Bargello Museums

Ilaria Ciseri - official, art historian and curator of the Bargello National Museum

Silvia Catone - Administrative management assistant, contact person for relations for Museum education with schools and associations.


Museo di Palazzo Vecchio e Museo Stefano Bardini

Scientific coordination of:

Valentina Zucchi, Head of Mediation and Enhancement, MUS.E

Giaele Monaci, Mediation and enhancement area, MUS.E​

With the collaboration of:

Marina Gardini, Director of the Museums, Archives, Libraries Service, Municipality of Florence

Silvia Penna, E.Q. Civic Museums - Museums, Archives, Libraries, Municipality of Florence Service

Serena Pini, Curator of Palazzo Vecchio Museum and Stefano Bardini Museum, Municipality of Florence

Emanuele Crocetti, EQ Property and equipment security and Facility Manager Palazzo Vecchio, Municipality of Florence

Giorgio Caselli, Director of th Fine Arts Service and Palazzo Vecchio Factory, Municipality of Florence

Paolo Ferrara, E.Q. Building of Palazzo Vecchio, Churches and Convents, Municipality of Florence

Tommaso Muccini, E.Q. Palaces, Villas and City Monuments, Municipality of Florence

Giuseppe De Grazia, Buildings, Villas and City Monuments Service, Municipality of Florence

Thanks to: Alessia Bettini, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Tourism, Participation, Active Citizenship, Maintenance and Decorum, Municipality of Florence; Matteo Spanò, President, MUS.E; Gabriella Farsi, Director of Culture and Sport, Municipality of Florence; Andrea Bianchi, Responsabile operativo, MUS.E

For observations in the field

ENS  - Associazione italiana sordi (Sez. Provinciale Firenze)

Roberto Petrone (Presidente Provinciale), Marco Guidotti, Daniela Ferroni

Roberta Monnetti, Daniela Cavini, Gianni Bindelli, Valentina Rossi (Interprete).

UICI - Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti (Firenze)

Niccolò Zeppi,  Sonia Caputo, Inka Brazzini, Ida Murru, Letizia Zambini, Silvia Secchi, Andrea Rinelli.

HABILIA - Associazione di Paratetraplegici e altri disabili motori

Giuliano Corradeschi, Vito D’aloisio, Verena Moser


Video LIS e IS

Associazione ENS - Ente Nazionale Sordi

Sezione Provinciale di Firenze


Roberto Petrone (Provincial President)

Marco Guidotti (Couselor)

Daniela Ferroni

Roberta Monnetti

Daniela Cavini

Gianni Bindelli

Susanna Ricci Bitti (Narrator  LIS - IS)


For shooting and editing LIS AND IS Videos ​

Laboratorio Foto Video per il Design e l’Architettura 

Marcello Scalzo (head of the Lab)

Parisa Darv (camera and editing)

with the participation of Ilaria Malvone.


For voiceover of audio descriptions

Mike Corradi

For the translation of contents in English

(APP and Audio Tracks)

Bonnie Rubiens

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