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The demo of the app was developed in open source and provides for the personalization of the visit, both from the point of view of the accessibility functions and the path to follow.

What can you do with the app?

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Augmented Reality


Watching IS videos


Access to multimedia




Listen to audio


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Scanning artworks

An application developed starting from people

The application was developed in open source and provides for customization of the visit, both in terms of features for accessibility and the route to be followed.

In addition, the use of interactive and customizable elements integrated with gamification techniques helps to increase visitor engagement by making the museum experience more engaging and learning more effective. The XAll application was developed using the Inclusive Design approach to ensure equal access to culture for all people.

To design an app based on people's real needs, research, and observations were conducted with users and associations involved in all three partner museums.

In addition, the development of the app involved defining ad hoc paths, with specific stops, in each museum. So, for each stop, the following were identified: front-end functionalities, thus related to the user experience and usability of the app, i.e., its interaction with the User Interface of the app, with a focus on accessibility and inclusion; and back-end functionalities, i.e., related to the development and programming to ensure the optimal execution of the identified functionalities.

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UNIFI research unit activity

Project development of the "Front-end" application (development and design of structure and graphic interface - UI); Content editing "information architecture" (video-audio-text); validation activities "user testing and expert evaluations" (usability, accessibility and user experience tests)

POLIMI research unit activity

Development of the "Back-and" IT part (architecture, accessibility features and database)

Specific features for accessibility and inclusion

The application provides a number of specific features for accessibility and inclusion, which have been selected and developed starting from:

  • preliminary analysis of user needs, conducted at the beginning of the research program: literature review and systematization of data relating to the main standards and guidelines relating to accessibility for web and applications;

  • review of the literature and systematization of data relating to the main case studies for accessibility in museums, i.e. national and international museums with projects/paths/activities for inclusion and accessibility.

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Main features offered
Text-to-Speech technology

Integration with the APIs provided by the operating systems: TalkBack (Android) and VoiceOver (Ios).

Custom screen reader

which allows you to read only textual content (such as descriptions of works or rooms).

Client-server structure

Advance download of all material

Download the demo of the XAll application

Anyone can download and install the XAll app demo

directly on their smartphones

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