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Tactile stations and multi-sensory tablets

With tactile, sound and olfactory stimuli

museum visits become more engaging for everyone

What can you do with touch stations?

Orient yourself
with maps


Touching the reproduced artworks


Watching the
IS videos


in Braille


Downloading audio
and other media



Design and technologies for an engaging visit experience
and inclusive

Tactile stations are intended to satisfy the three "senses of touch" and the act of tactile perception itself. These "senses" can be summarized as:  the ability to follow a line, i.e. the recognition sensory capabilities of the fingertip; the haptic ability, i.e. knowing and recognizing the position of the hand in the space of the tactile device; the ability to recognize and differentiate the roughness of surfaces and therefore the texture.

The supports were designed, in collaboration with Tactile Studio, according to the Inclusive Design philosophy, to enhance the use of the works and the related thematic contents of the "historical-cultural heritage".


The development of the tactile stations was based on the research of the needs of the stakeholders, with field observations within the partner museums and jointly with the associations involved.

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UNIFI research unit activity

Supervision of project proposals in collaboration with the museums involved

The company responsible for the creation of the station and tactile tablets

Touch Studio

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The tactile stations allow visitors to orient themselves by touching the museum maps, touching the reproductions of the selected works, and reading the insights in Braille.

All contents have been developed in both Italian and English.


Through the QR code placed on the stations, it is possible to download audio and access the media of the itinerary, take advantage of Augmented Reality, and although in a preliminary experimentation phase, enrich the visit with olfactory stimuli.

Tactile Stations realized in collaboration with
Explore the contents of the tactile stations
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